Nexultra™ P LIGHT


Nexultra™ P LIGHT is an advanced skin re-balancing moisturizer for oily/acne prone skin. Designed with oily skin in mind. This moisturizer helps to relieve inflamed skin, regenerate the epidermal skin and improve texture. It also restores the skin’s natural lipid film, which enhances the skin’s natural hydration process.

BENEFITS:  oil in a water emulsion - give this moisturizer a light creamy texture

  • Paraben free
  • Hypoallergenic

Skin Type: Suitable for normal, oily and combination skin

Package:  50ml

Price:  64 Euros

How to use: Recommended for daily use, to be applied to the face and/or neck each morning and evening with a slight massage. Can be used as a make-up base.


  • Acetyl tripeptide-1: aka -Kollaren which stimulates the production of the ECM components (collagen I & III, fibronectin, elastin)
  •  Omega 3 from camelina sativa oil